4 Cases for Maxillofacial Surgery


Sometimes that trip to the dentist is for services more than a simple teeth cleaning procedure or an extraction, although these common procedures are those most people think about when they think of the dentist. Maxillofacial surgery is needed to correct several different problems within the mouth that traditional dental care will not resolve. If any of these issues impact your smile or good oral health, you will likely need orthodontic surgery orange park fl. Four cases that may very well need this surgery included:

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1.    Protruding Chin: Genioplasty is the medical term for a protruding chin surgery. This problem can cause appearance and confidence problems for the sufferer, but there are health concerns that may result as well. The surgery is a fairly simple procedure that corrects the problem.

2.    Teeth Grinding: Tooth grinding is a very common oral health problem that people of all ages experience. It can cause uneven wear and unnecessary wear on the teeth and other health concerns. Maxillofacial surgery corrects the problem and stops the unnecessary tooth wear.

3.    TMJ: TMJ is a condition that causes pain and popping in the jaw. It is caused by a misaligned jaw or trauma and most often needs surgery to treat, although the dentist may have other treatment options to try first.

4.    Jaw Trauma: Individuals who’ve experienced a broken or dislocated jaw or other trauma to their jaw may require surgery to correct the problem and get the jaw back correctly into position.

There are a number of problems the orthodontic surgeon can correct, including the issues listed above. If these problems interfere with your smile or good health, talk to your dentist and learn if you can benefit from surgery. Most people find that their dental issues are resolved when these treatments are used.